Intel Celebrates x86 40th Anniversary with 5GHz Core i7

Intel is 50 years old

Intel is 50 years old

Intel calls the first-ever CPU to reach a 5.0GHz turbo frequency - and that's all without overclocking the chip.

Intel's benchmark run compares favorably with AMD's Threadripper processors, as well.

Intel has announced a beastly limited edition CPU, the 5GHz i7-8086K, and teased an even more impressive model, a 28-core processor running at that same clock frequency. Intel hasn't said how numerous Core i7-8086K chips it has manufactured but notes that supplies are limited. The mystery 28-core/56-thread chip is more than twice as fast, and almost five times faster than a Core i7-8700K, which we recorded a score of 1,522 in the same benchmark.

The original 1978 Intel 8086 processor next to the Intel Core i7-8086K. In general terms the 7980XE will hit 4GHz as standard, and at that stock speed it delivers 3,385 in Cinebench, making the 28-core CPU some 91% quicker. There's no word on how much the processor will cost, but we expect it won't be cheap; if its too expensive, Intel could find that it only flogged a few to hardcore PC enthusiasts, leaving the chip to fall on the wayside like its ill-fated Kaby-Lake X Core i processors.

Intel also announced two new 8th generation Intel Core mobile chips, the Whiskey Lake U-series and Amber Lake Y-series.

Intel launched the iconic 8086 processor 40 years ago, with its debut marking a watershed moment in computing history.

The Core i7-8086K has been unveiled nearly exactly 40 years after the launch of Intel's original 8086 processor, although the newer version will be overclockable and sports much more impressive specifications.

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