He Said, She Said on UK Prime Minister, Trump Phone Call

Trump takes aim at Canada after Trudeau's retaliation over new US tariffs

Trump takes aim at Canada after Trudeau's retaliation over new US tariffs

Trump's announcement provoked an outcry - and threat of retaliatory tariffs - from the leaders of the allied countries Trump is planning to hit with tariffs, with cries of imminent political and economic ramifications. How, he wondered aloud, did Canada suddenly become a national security threat to the United States?

The US president's imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminium last week and the apparent impasse in US/Chinese trade talks has set the world's biggest economies on a collision course and provoked fear of tit-for-tat measures escalating into a global trade war. "It's going to hurt U.S.jobs as well, and neither of those things is something that Canada wants to see".

The new initiative, which was announced on Monday, is a combined effort by Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity and The LIBRE Initiative.

Trump, for his part, spent time during his weekend retreat at Camp David tweeting that "stupid trade" could "no longer be tolerated". Highly restrictive on Trade!

In addition to asking the U.S.to reconsider and reverse the tariffs, the six finance leaders noted that because of the actions taken by the USA, "collaboration and cooperation has been put at risk".

Trump, meanwhile, broadened his trade tirades on Twitter into agriculture, writing: "Canada has all sorts of trade barriers on our Agricultural products". These are two very different countries. "And that's really the problem for the United States is that it's not clear that these steel or aluminium tariffs fall under any of these boxes".

"We remain committed to robustly defending and protecting the United Kingdom steel and aluminium industries and their employees", Fox said, before adding that Britain's best allies in the spat might be those whose jobs and businesses are affected on the other side of the Atlantic. "They can not believe they have gotten away with this for so many decades".

But after totaling the value of Canada's list of United States goods subject to tariffs using import data, Business Insider found that the value of these exports is equal to roughly just over $15 billion United States dollars, or 19 billion Canadian dollars.

As well as tariffs, EU countries told the U.S. about their concern over the effect of new USA sanctions on Iran for European companies that want to trade with both nations. Those days are over.

File image of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. In particular, they advocate for updating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) instead of dropping it, as Trump has threatened to do, and finalizing a new trade deal with the United Kingdom after Brexit, when the country stops being a part of the European Union at the end of March 2019.

According to the Washington Post, Trudeau was prepared to travel to Washington DC this week to finalize the renegotiation of NAFTA, before the sudden implementation of the tariffs.

Groups backed by the influential Koch brothers' network announced today they were launching a new multimillion-dollar campaign to oppose tariffs and highlight the benefits of free trade.

This would effectively end NAFTA in 2023, unless it is renegotiated again.

"To this point we haven't initiated this discussion", he said.

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