Google is planning to start bumping users over to the new Gmail

Portable Device Applications

Portable Device Applications

The schedule that Google lays out for the new Gmail migration for G Suite users starts in July, although the company does not give a specific date.

Any refuseniks who haven't moved over to the new Gmail by August will have their inboxes upgraded automatically, but will be able to convert back if they want.

When the new interface launches in July, G Suite administrators will have three options: immediately transition their users to the new UI (with an option to opt out), allow their users to opt into the new UI, or wait about four weeks until their users are allowed to opt into the new UI.

Though some Gmail users have criticized the design, most reviews online appear to be neutral or positive.

That likely means the new Gmail schedule for "regular" users is similar.

New Gmail is now available in an "Early Adopter Program" (EAP) with an option to try it out before the GA.

G-Suite users will have more choice in July.

Google has already launched the new Gmail through its Early Adopter Program (EAP), and will make it available to everyone by next month.

Google is taking its first steps towards phasing out the old Gmail design, replacing it with the modern version that made its debut at the end of April.

The newly designed Gmail has been an option for Gmail users for the past month but soon it will be the only choice.

Google rolls out offline support in Gmail and its new Smart Compose feature that completes your sentences.

Google's Gmail major rewrite introduces many new, useful features. But by around October of this year, it's very likely that you will be forced to permanently use the new Gmail experience whether you like it or not.

Here is what the rollout will look like for G Suite users.

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