Google Assistant Now Capable of Handling 3 Commands at a Time

Google Home can now handle up to three commands at once

Google Home can now handle up to three commands at once

However, Google has now revealed that its Google Home speakers will soon support multiple commands at the same time.

To check if you're on the latest firmware version, use the Google Home app on your phone and check the device info for your Google Home device. Queries can involve fetching information from the web, as well as performing commands on connected smart home devices. Today, Google announced on Twitter that support for up to three simultaneous commands is rolling out to users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia.

Any combination of up to three queries can be spoked to Google Home, as long as the word "and" is used between the queries. For example, "OK Google, turn up the volume and play music". It's about an even transition to more natural commands that don't require a hotword such as "Hey Google". Rather, users needed to say something like "turn off living room and turn off bedroom" to accomplish that task. In subsequent tweets, the company linked to a help page about the feature, but this only makes reference to being able to link together two commands. Originally announced at Google I/O earlier this year, the feature allows users to stack multiple commands on a single "Ok Google".

Now, you can say "Hey Google, tell me about my day, remind me to call Maynard and dim the kitchen lights" all in one go, and the Google Assistant will do all of that for you.

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