Duke alum Stephen Miller 'instrumental' in Trump's policy to separate migrant families

Dem rep Congress could reach agreement on immigration if White House wasn't involved

Dem rep Congress could reach agreement on immigration if White House wasn't involved

The "zero tolerance" policy, which is responsible for hundreds of children being held in detention centers, is an attempt to prevent illegal immigration.

"The answer is SHOCKING", Bee's "Full Frontal" Twitter account posted along with a video recording jokingly pretending to be Miller's June 16 interview with Times reporters Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael Shear. The issue is that Davis interviewed Miller a few weeks ago for a big story about the topic, but hadn't discussed the other ways the audio could be used.

"We conducted an extended White House interview with Stephen Miller for a weekend story about the Trump administration's border policy".

"When [The White House] found out that [Miller's] voice was going to be on a podcast discussing this, they were not happy about it", Davis said. For now, we can simply read the quotes from Miller and imagine what they sound like.

"After the original story was published, producers of "The Daily" planned to talk with the reporter and use audio excerpts from the Miller interview", the paper continued.

According reports, White House policy adviser Stephen Miller is working on a plan to use executive power to curb illegal arrivals and boost deportations.

Details of the ideas are still being worked out, said one White House official. "While Miller's comments were on the record, we realized that the ground rules for the original interview were not clear, and so we made a decision not to run the audio".

"This is rather explicit acknowledgement by the NYT that it's willing to make sacrifices to preserve its access to senior people within the White House".

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