Donald Trump rejects G7 communique as he brands Justin Trudeau 'weak'

America Alone?

America Alone?

US President Donald Trump has thrown two days of diplomatic talks into chaos, insulting Canada's Prime Minister and tweeting that the United States would not endorse the joint communique that leaders from the Group of Seven nations negotiated at this weekend's summit.

In a second tweet, Trump said that Trudeau acted "meek and mild" during the G7 summit and that the United States tariffs were in response to Canada's 270% tariff on dairy products.

U.S. President Donald Trump angered his G7 allies last week by slapping them with hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum - a move that prompted Canada and the European Union to threaten duties of their own.

President Donald Trump arrived late for a gender equality meeting at an worldwide summit, prompting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to kick it off without waiting for "stragglers" to arrive.

Trump hit out at the "massive tariffs" being charged by Canada and said he would not endorse the communiqué that had been agreed at the summit and referenced "mutually beneficial trade and investment", CNN reported.

The G7 summit included ample discussion on NAFTA - Trump said any new agreement will include some kind of sunset clause, which would kill the deal after five years unless all three countries agree to change or renew it. Trudeau repeated that Canada won't accept a sunset clause.

The thorny issue of Mr Trump's planned tariffs on steel and aluminium imported into the USA has upset the consensus among industrialised nations on a transition to freer trade. "I think it would be good to have Russian Federation back in". He delivered that message personally during meetings with other leaders of the Group of Seven major economies, which took place in Canada on Friday and Saturday. They found just the right wording to secure American agreement on matters that never used to be in question, such as supporting democracy, abiding by international-trade rules and fighting terrorism.

Politico reported that leaders present for the meeting took Trump's suggestion as largely rhetorical. The G-7, in its current form, consists of the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Japan.

He added that the like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing.

"I would say that the level of relationships is a 10 - we have a great relationship". "If steps are not taken, the penalties would be severe", Trump said.

These tariffs, they told Trump, would hurt everyone. Or we'll stop trading with them.

The letter comes on the day of the Group of 7 (G-7) summit amid heightened conflict between Trump and other G-7 members over the tariffs and following Trump's suggestion that Russian Federation be reinstated into the group.

"If they retaliate, they're making a mistake", Trump said.

The US president has made it clear he believes the removal of tariffs against his G7 allies should come at a price - and he doesn't expect the US to pick up the tab.

In 2014, Russian Federation was ousted from the then Group of 8 after annexing Crimea and supporting pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine. "You got to go tariff free", he argued.

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