ARM Cortex-A76 CPU, Mali-G76 GPU, Mali-V76 VPU Designs Launched



The products are now available to semiconductors companies and integrations are expected to be commercialized in 2019.

The Cortex-A76 processor is based on Arm's DynamIQ technology, and it can deliver a 35% performance gain and 40% improved power efficiency in comparison to Cortex-A75 released a year ago. In the meanwhile, the ARM has announced that it is going to launch chips which will deliver "laptop-class" performance along with mobile-like efficiency. ARM even claims that the Cortex-A76 based laptops are expected to deliver twice the performance on the current Arm based generation. On the other hand, the Mali-G76 GPU has been touted to facilitate "untethered gaming" and on-device machine learning (ML). Rahul Prasad, a product manager for Google's Daydream VR and AR efforts, said the new GPU delivered console-quality graphics - and mobile users will be able to play for longer thanks to improved energy efficiency. In fact, power efficiency is said to be up 40-percent, despite a 35-percent bump in performance. This year all eyes were on Samsung and the M3 core, and unfortunately the performance increase came at a great cost of power and efficiency which ended up making the end-product rather uncompetitive.

Coming to the Mali-G76, ARM says that it delivers 30 percent more efficiency and performance density than the previous version to provide developers with more performance headroom to bring more high-end gaming titles to mobile app ecosystems and enable them to write new apps that integrate augmented and virtual reality with gameplay.

Chip maker Arm is announcing a series of graphics and processor improvements to its central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) for Windows laptops. Talking numbers, ARM said that a 7nm A76 at 3GHz can boost performance by 35 percent over a 10nm A75 at 2.8GHz. Both manufacturers build their own custom cores based on ARM's CPU architecture.

Additionally, Cortex-A76 brings an optimized memory system that will be isolated from the main operating system via TrustZone technology.

ARM's latest Cortex A76 architecture is aiming for more.

The Mali-G76 will improve Arm's competitive situation. And since AI is trendy, the new CPU has almost 4x improvement in speed when it comes to machine learning.

The Mali-V76 is the company's new vision processor designed for high-resolution displays. It can decode four 4K streams at 60fps simultaneously, for instance: Arm says it's capable of driving a 2×2 video wall at 2160p 60fps, or up to a 4×4 1080p video wall at 60fps.

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