Apple WWDC: Apple wants you to use your iPhone less

Erik S. Lesser  EPA FILEA customer examines the newly released iPhone X at an Apple Store in the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta Nov. 3 2017

Erik S. Lesser EPA FILEA customer examines the newly released iPhone X at an Apple Store in the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta Nov. 3 2017

It was rumoured for a long time that iOS 12 would focus on bug-fixes and smaller tweaks rather than offering a shake-up to the tried and tested formula.

First of all, and most obviously Apple is finally implementing a dark mode on in this release. Xcode will also feature a Dark Mode theme, said Apple. People who are sent photos on iOS 12 will then be prompted to send their own photos from the same event.

Sneak peak at iOS apps being tested in Mac environments, beginning with Stocks, Apple News, Home. This will let people measure items, a suitcase was used an an example, using the ARKit engine and save the dimensions. A new Grouped Notifications feature will make it easier to manage multiple alerts, grouping together notifications by app or group. iOS 12 will also give you more control over how notifications appear, like letting alerts be delivered quietly so that don't appear on your lock screen or play a sound but still appear in your notification center.

Breaking from its high country nomenclature, Apple has titled its new operating system macOS Mojave, and it aims to merge popular iOS features with the Mac ecosystem, clean up the desktop view, and improve security protections. So say for instance you want to limit the amount of time you spend stalking models on IG, you can use Screen Time to tell you "time's up" when your allotted Instagram allowance runs out. However, most of the folks with an inside track on whats going on at Apple agree that iOS 13 will see the home screen get a major shake-up next year. These show up in the left homescreen page and it searches through places on your device like Calendar and Mail to bring up suggestions.

To go along with these benefits there's a dedicated Shortcuts app. You can also personalise your own "memoji".

And the headline announcement could be iOS 12 which will bring a swathe of upgrades to Apple's iPhones.

From the screenshots shared during the keynote, Home and Voice Memos on Mojave appear to be nearly identical to their counterparts on iOS in terms of functionality with layout adjustments to accommodate the Mac's windowed environment. And perhaps most importantly, grouped notifications will allow you to swipe and clear a whole group of notifications all at once. Users will also be able to use Quick Look to sign PDFs, rotate and crop photos, and trim video without opening an app. A number of new features seem "inspired" by Google Photos, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The operating systems themselves won't be available to the general public until the Fall, but Apple does have an earlier public beta program for eager iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

FaceTime: Group calls. Up to 32 people.

BREAKING: This is a live piece and we'll update it throughout the conference.

Another important part of iOS 12 is digital wellness.

"There are millions of iOS apps out there, and some of them would be great on the Mac", Federighi said.

Face ID is also rumoured to be receiving a boost, with support for unlocking phones held horizontally. Parents can also use App Limits to set usage limits and content rules.

Apple is making a new AR (open) file format with Pixar called USDZ that's optimized for size, and can be shared via email, Apple News, or simply iMessage. Apple's adding a "walkie talkie" feature that lets you, well, use your Apple Watch to chat with friends like a walkie talkie (provided you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, that is).

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