Alexa and Google Assistant integration reportedly coming to Xbox One

Google Assistant and Alexa integration may soon be coming to Xbox One

Google Assistant and Alexa integration may soon be coming to Xbox One

It's not entirely clear as to what the capabilities of these digital assistants will be on the Xbox One and how much control you will have through voice commands alone but it is expected that numerous discontinued features that initially came with the Kinect will make a return.

Windows Central stumbled over a screen that seems to hint future Xbox One updates will let you tie your Alexa-enabled or Google Assistant devices to your Xbox One.

Support for Alexa and Google Assistant would come through separate Echo and Google Home devices, respectively. Still, you could soon be telling your Xbox to "Play Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox One" if this is real.

Windows Central also points out that former Xbox executive Albert Penello recently joined Amazon specifically to help expand Alexa's presence in gaming. So, "Alexa, turn on my Xbox" turns on your console. It will reportedly arrive in “upcoming Xbox One builds”. But the $500 price of the console plus Kinect kept potential buyers away, and Microsoft quickly dropped Kinect from the bundle to lower the price. Eventually, some of that functionality resurfaced as Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant. However, using Cortana requires having the now defunct Kinect hooked up, or relying on the microphone in a headset. The screenshot purports to offer users the option to "search for Xbox in the assistant app's skills" after enabling the digital assistants option.

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