Adam Putnam sheds light on report of missed background checks

Adam Putnam touts his efforts to expand concealed carry gun permits in Florida in a Facebook

Adam Putnam touts his efforts to expand concealed carry gun permits in Florida in a Facebook

The full statement from his office, as well as a full statement from Putnam, can be seen below. The Times reports that Wilde could not log in to the federal check system and ultimately stopped using it. Keller told the Times that Wilde was sacked immediately after the Inspector General's Office concluded she had been negligent.

In 2012, Putnam held a press conference to celebrate Florida's one millionth issued concealed weapons permit.

To be clear, a criminal background investigation was completed on every single one of the 349,923 concealed weapon license application submitted from February 2016 to March 2017.

The previously-undisclosed IG report noted that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System - a nationwide database that cross-references applicants' records in other states - is "extremely important" because it ensures that people applying for concealed carry permits are legally qualified to own concealed weapons.

It was the responsibility of this employee to review the 365 applications that did not pass the NICS system and the Inspector General's investigation determined she failed to do her job.

While the Office of Inspector General's investigation was ongoing, the department adopted safeguards into the application review process to ensure this never happens again. Concealed weapons licenses "may have been issued to potentially ineligible individuals". Anyone seeking to purchase a gun must undergo a background check performed by FDLE at the time of purchase.

The Department, meanwhile, said that it "immediately" fired the employee after becoming aware of her non-compliance with the procedure, and it "thoroughly reviewed every application potentially impacted".

"There are now 1.8 million active hide weapon license holders in Florida, No. 1 in the nation, up from 800,000 before I came in (to the Agriculture Department)", he boasted.

Adam Putnam, the commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Florida gubernatorial candidate, is facing the most criticism over this.

The state failed to check applications against a national database set up by federal authorities.

From July 2016 through June 2017, which covers most of the period when the system wasn't accessed, 268,000 applications were approved and 6,470 were denied for reasons like an incomplete application or the state discovered they were ineligible, according to the state Agriculture Department's annual concealed weapons permit report. Early in Putnam's term, it was discovered that his employees had trouble accessing the database because they were not law enforcement officers.

Fernandez said he believes the Department of Agriculture will fix the problem. Ultimately, permits were revoked for 291 people.

Putnam said headlines implying background checks were not run by the state are categorically false. There are now 1.8 million concealed weapon permit holders in Florida. The NICS database is used to make sure concealed carry permit applicants do not have a disqualifying history in other states.

In March of 2017, another employee wondered why the department had not recently received any notices of denials, "which was unusual". "I also want to know why, if this report was done a year ago, why are we just now finding out about this?"

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