Yanny or Laurel? A Stockton University Professor Has the Answer

Lifestyle       by Komal Zaheer | Published

Lifestyle by Komal Zaheer | Published

Teens behind the biggest debate since the dress settle it once and for allIf you hear at a higher pitch, they say you'll hear Yanni.

But if you hear yanny, and you're still confused as to how on earth anyone could hear anything different, you're not alone.

Everything from the speakers or headphones you're using, to your computer's soundcard can affect which frequencies get through. Couple this with all the cultural and linguistic ways we've been trained to hear certain vowels, and you've got a flawless recipe for a little audio illusion.

Since the video clip floating around the 'net shows the names "Laurel" and "Yanny," the brain knows that it only has those two options to choose from.

"I literally just turned all frequencies below 1khz to negative 70 decibels and I still hear 'laurel, '" someone said on Reddit. Various people on social media have taken to doing their own experiments in order to understand how people have heard different things.

The internet is aflame about whether a robotic-sounding recording says "yanny" or "laurel".

"It's so clearly laurel", quipped supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

To answer this, we consulted experts in how human brains perceive sound. "You still are not as many people as the correct people, which are laurel", she said.

The scientific explanation centers more on the quality of the recording and the resonance of speech sounds.

Actress and LGBT activist Ellen DeGeneres said, "I hear Laurel".

So chances are, you may have heard a completely different sound or word, had those two options not been available.

She provides another example.

He did a callback to the viral clip later in his monologue while discussing concerns that Kim Jong-un might be planning to back out of his proposed meeting with President Trump.

But she adds that perception can change, even in the same device.

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