US threatens to impose sanctions on European companies doing business with Iran

Iran Deal,JCPOA,Trump Era

Iran Deal,JCPOA,Trump Era

As a result of the new USA sanctions, companies worldwide must stop doing business with Iran or risk US fines or other punishment. Among the adversely affected are European firms, whose dealings with Iran jacked up the value of EU-Iran trade from $9.2 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2017.

Despite the United States exit, Britain and Iran expressed their commitment on Sunday to ensuring that the accord is upheld, according to a statement released by British Prime Minister Theresa May's office.

The exit drew swift criticism from the deal's other signatories, including United States allies in Europe who'd tried for weeks to persuade Trump to remain on board and said they plan to keep their commitment to the deal.

Iranian state television Irib broadcasted images of Mohammad Javad Zarif in Moscow, saying he had arrived in Russia at 4 am (01:00 GMT) on Monday and was due to meet Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

The talks in Brussels on Tuesday evening will be followed by a meeting with the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in an intensive diplomatic effort to shore up agreement.

"We hope recent events will lead us not to trust in the West and even Europeans", he said Sunday, according to the conservative-linked Fars news agency.

Responding to the US move, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, said Europe should not accept the former as the "world's economic policeman", or become nations that "obey decisions taken by the United States while clinging to the hem of their pants".

Iran has said it would remain in the JCPOA for now, pending negotiations with the other signatories in the coming weeks before making a final decision.

"Remember how badly Iran was behaving with the Iran Deal in place", he tweeting.

"Unfortunately, ignoring worldwide regulations and global agreements has become a habit for the United States administration", Mohammad Javad Zarif said in today's meeting with Sergey Lavrov, adding "yesterday's Israeli regime's unsafe decision about Jerusalem showed that the worldwide community needs to protect worldwide law and regulations".

"Considering the fact that the European Union member states have made the most requests that after America's withdrawal it wants to stay in the JCPOA, we should see how these countries ensure that the interests of Iran will be guaranteed despite America's pullout", he stated. But no word has come from China as yet.

The US withdrawal from the Iran deal has upset Washington's European allies, cast uncertainty over global oil supplies and raised the risk of conflict in the Middle East.

"Iran strongly condemns ...(Israel's) attacks on Syria".

In his own homeground, Trump's withdrawal announcement has come under severe criticism.

"If the nuclear deal is to continue, the interests of the people of Iran must be assured", Zarif added.

Senior Iranian officials say Europeans need to make good on their promises if they wanted to salvage the nuclear deal.

Hitting hard at Trump himself, the NYT editorial stated: "So far, again and again, he has shown himself to be adept at destroying agreements - a relatively easy task for a president - and utterly lacking in the policy depth or strategic vision and patience to create new ones".

Israel said it had attacked almost all of Iran's military infrastructure in Syria yesterday after Iranian forces allegedly fired rockets at Israeli-held territory for the first time. However, this would not do anything to Iran's nuclear program also.

European diplomats have complained that the Trump administration pulled out of the Iran agreement when they were still eager to continue consultations and without explaining Washington's new nuclear demands on Tehran.

On Monday Zarif also sent a letter to the United Nations in which he accused the U.S. of showing a "complete disregard for worldwide law" in pulling out of the deal.

"Do we want to be vassals who obey decisions taken by the United States while clinging to the hem of their pants?"

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