The HTC Exodus is a blockchain phone for cryptocurrency traders

Product Drawings of the HTC Exodus

Product Drawings of the HTC Exodus

While there are a number of potential uses for blockchain technology, HTC is sticking to the tried-and-true cryptocurrency application with Exodus. Today it was time for the first well known smartphone brand to jump into the fray: HTC. Now it looks like HTC wants in on it as well and have teased an upcoming smartphone called the HTC Exodus. The difference is it will be created to support blockchain-based distributed apps, a feature the company describes as "built-in secure hardware".

HTC reportedly is hoping to build a native blockchain network with all Exodus phones acting as nodes to ease crypto-trading among phone users.

The new Exodus smartphone will support both Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as other cryptocurrencies with its universal wallet, secure hardware, and decentralized apps.

In other words, the Exodus device will act as a way for users to connect to a decentralized network, as well as an actual storage option for users to "carry" their cryptocurrencies.

HTC's newest phone, the HTC Exodus, is one you'll probably never see vying for shelf space alongside the Galaxy S9, LG G7 or iPhone X.

Introduced and led by Phil Chen, a co-founder of HTC Vive, the Exodus is meant to be the "world's first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security". Chen, who now holds the title of "chief decentralized officer", will head all of the firm's cryptocurrency and blockchain-related initiatives. That price and the release date, however, have yet to be revealed. Sirin Labs announced a $999 Dollars blockchain phone previous year, a device reportedly being made by Foxconn.

In theory, blockchain-powered phones will offer bumped up security and a better cryptocurrency user experience.

HTC plans to announce even more blockchain protocol partnerships in the coming months.

You'll also be able to easily trade with peers on the phone's network - without any mining fees.

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