Superhot JP Is A Japanese Twist On The Time Twisting FPS

Superhot JP is Superhot in Japan, priced “very reasonably”

Superhot JP is Superhot in Japan, priced “very reasonably”

Additionally, if you enjoyed the original in virtual reality, then the bad news is that they have no plans on a VR version at this time.

The project is being developed by GameTomo.

With new weapons and a host of new environments-from samurai castles to hot springs, karaoke bars and bullet trains-the "alternate story campaign" is the work of Tokyo-based studio GameTomo, with guidance from the original game's Superhot Team. You'll be battling the red guys in Japanese-inspired locations like Tokyo alleyways, samurai castles, and hot springs.

The game won't be officially titled Superhot JP.

GameTomo posted the following information about the title on its website. Notably, the game doesn't have a specific price but its developers at GameTomo assured that it'll be "priced very reasonably". There will be new weapons which include a bow and arrow.

The title is only confirmed for a Japanese release at this point, but there's little doubt that the game will be making its way over to the west as well. The game is also a standalone effort, meaning it won't require ownership of either SUPERHOT or SUPERHOT VR to play.

Superhot was a surprise hit when it released a few years ago.

Today, new content was announced not by Superhot Team, but by Japanese developer GameTomo.

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