Starbucks Apologizes for Slur on Customer's Order

In response the coffee giant is holding racial-bias training for 175,000 employees

In response the coffee giant is holding racial-bias training for 175,000 employees

Apparently the Starbucks worker understood the man say "Venti White Mocha" and "Venti Ice Caramel Macchiato", but not his name Pedro.

The U.S. coffee chain Starbucks is in hot water again this week, after a Latino man in Los Angeles said he received his drink order with a racial slur written on it.

"Out of all the names they could've put on his coffees for "misunderstanding" him they decide to put 'beaner, '" Priscilla Hernandez told CNN.

A Hispanic man only identified as Pedro told NBC Los Angeles that he was trying to get his caffeine fix on Tuesday afternoon - but a Starbucks employee in La Canada, California, labeled him as "beaner" on his coffee cup. "I did not accept it because it's like an insult to everyone, that they want to buy you with a $50 card", he said.

"This is not the experience that we want for our clients", the statement read.

"We have apologized to the customer directly and are working to make things right", it added. "This kind of mistake is unacceptable, and we will take additional steps to assess what happened here and how our partners can be better".

The two men were arrested while waiting for a friend at a Starbucks café.

Soon after their arrival, Nelson asked the cafe's manager if he could use the restroom but was declined because he had not made a purchase.

It is unclear what actions will be taken to address the recent allegations of racism at its La Cañada Flintridge location.

Pedro is expecting to meet with one of the location's employees on Thursday and although he is unsure of what will come of the interaction, he hopes the barista will face serious consequences.

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