Senate Appeals to JOHESU to Call Off Strike Over Ebola

19 dead, 39 infected in Congo Ebola outbreak: WHO

19 dead, 39 infected in Congo Ebola outbreak: WHO

While it is too early to determine the extent of this Ebola outbreak, the alarming fatality rate has heaped pressure on health officials to act quickly in order to prevent the disease spreading beyond its current 60-kilometre radius. World Health Organization still needs Congo's final authorization, which is expected in the coming days, Dr. Peter Salama, the agency's emergencies chief, told reporters in Geneva.

The Senate's resolution was sequel to a motion on "Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Need to Take Precautionary Measures" by Sen.

According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the organisation has agreement, registration, plus import permit and the vaccinations could begin by next Monday, he said. There is no specific treatment for Ebola.

The experimental vaccine has been shown to be highly effective against Ebola.

A health worker is sprayed with chlorine after visiting the isolation ward at Bikoro hospital, which received a new suspected Ebola case, in Bikoro, Democratic Republic of Congo on May 12. Nine other suspected cases were announced Thursday.

The Ebola-hit Bikoro, Iboko, and Wangata health zones are located in the Equateur province.

It further urged the Minister of Health to ensure alertness to combat whatever cases thst might arise and get Ebola vaccines ready for an emergency. Only two cases have been confirmed by laboratory testing, and 25 are probable. It involves vaccinating voluntary contacts, contacts of those contacts and health care and other front-line workers. "So we are very concerned". Also, James Manager (PDP Delta South) described the motion as "a wake-up call" for everybody in the country on the virus in particular, and for the government to be at alert, noting that "Ebola is a risky disease that had ravaged Nigeria in the past whereby it killed some people".

It is "absolutely a dire scene in terms of infrastructure" as medical teams try to contain the outbreak in a region with poor water and sanitation, few paved roads and little electricity, he said.

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