Roseville Gas Prices Driving Higher

Gas prices have gone up 53.5 cents since past year and is up 16.2 cents since last month.

For the first time since late 2014, the price of gas went above $3 a gallon in Branch County Monday.

You may have noticed, gas prices are up, hitting levels we haven't seen in nearly three years.

Hampton Roads' gas prices are 8 cents more than last week, 18 cents more than last month and 59 cents higher than previous year. Gas prices have gone up 17 cents since last month, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 5,345 gas outlets in Ohio.

As the mercury continues to rise nationwide, so does the price of gas here in Eastern North Carolina.

The price of premium gas, required for most high-performance cars, is already well past $3 a gallon - which is significantly more expensive than diesel fuel.

The national average has gone up 0.8 cents since last week at $2.87. "Some of the factors at play in the rising prices: President Trump's USA withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran and oil supplies that have continued to drop as US exports surpass Venezuela- a surprising feat given Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world".

With sanctions expected to be back in place within the next three to six months, Iran's crude exports are forecasted to decrease, pushing oil prices higher, AAA said. Drivers in Missouri are paying 12 cents a gallon more, and the average gallon of gas rose by 11 cents a gallon in the last week in Kentucky and Minnesota. About GasBuddy GasBuddy is the technology company changing the way more than 75 million consumers find, purchase, and save money on gasoline.

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