PlayStation Vita game cards won't be a thing for much longer

PS Vita,NoobFeed,Sony

PS Vita,NoobFeed,Sony

A new report has claimed that the PlayStation Vita is officially dead, with Sony halting production of new software for the handheld console. As a result, Sony has advised developers to get their orders in for batches of GameCards by next February as production begins to wind down. The company says that this will happen by the end of the fiscal year 2018, which translates to 31st March 2019. However, the portable console will continue to receive content and will remain active in this area, so there is still some time left for it to be discontinued.

A PS Vita version has been in the works for sometime, and its release date was finally confirmed today in a blog post from Stardew Valley designer, Eric Barone. What do you think about the decision of Sony?

Sony themselves demonstrated that when they announced they drop the PlayStation Vita from the PlayStation Plus programme. The handheld was said to bring console gaming on the go and had an fantastic PS4 remote play feature which I personally still use and still works great.

Thanks to the rise of mobile games and domination in the handheld segment by Nintendo's 3DS though, the Vita ended up playing second fiddle - with Sony soon dropping major first-party support.

This is no surprise, really, given that Sony previously said PlayStation Vita is "not an active line" for Sony outside of Japan and some parts of Asia. However, support waned after a few years and a number of games were just downright poor such as the Vita Call of Duty, and everyone's still waiting for Vita Bioshock.

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