NC teacher posts photo of paycheck on Facebook

Teachers walk in together as they arrive for work at San Marcos Elementary School Friday

Teachers walk in together as they arrive for work at San Marcos Elementary School Friday

After the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008, North Carolina was one of several states to enact sharp tax cuts, which have resulted in a precipitous drop in the state's education funding in the years since.

CMS says North Carolina is 43rd in the nation when it comes to per-pupil expenditures.

"When Democratic Governor Bev Perdue furloughed teachers and cut their pay, literally took money out of their paychecks, they did not walk out of the classroom", he said.

In a post for his blog "Notes From the Chalkboard", North Carolina teacher Justin Parmenter elaborated on the ways the state's public schools have been hurting for lack of adequate funding.

Teachers in Arizona won a 20% raise. "This is the first time in North Carolina that teachers have come together as one group, and in one voice said that this is enough".

"I think a lot of us started to see, 'well shoot, if West Virginia can do it, North Carolina can do it, ' " middle school Spanish teacher Sally Merryman told NPR. He hopes the rally will encourage other people to go into teaching.

"Whether it's this issue or the gun issue, they're being pimped and prostituted", said Terry McCann, a math teacher at J.D. Clement Early College High School. Many of them plan to take part in the rally. "I, however, do not get paid for those days", he said. "I do not support the movement especially on the backs of our students".

"Our goal is to overwhelm the system with absences so that the district considers closing school for the day, allowing educators to go to Raleigh", says the website created by event organizers.

North Carolina teachers join the thousands of educators across the USA who have gone on strike this year, marching on Raleigh to demand higher wages and better funding for their classrooms Wednesday.

Hellwig invited families to spend Wednesday at Coconut Charlie's Bump N Bounce at 7409 Six Forks Road in Raleigh. "It's for parents who might need a little help on a day where we've been unfairly burdened".

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