Multiverse Might Not Be as Inhospitable to Life as Previously Thought

High dark energy levels in Multiverse doesn't mean life can't exist outside our Universe

High dark energy levels in Multiverse doesn't mean life can't exist outside our Universe

Scientists are yet to agree on the existence of a multiverse where our universe is only one of many, but if it does, it might not be as inhospitable to life as previously thought.

"The formation of stars in a universe is a battle between the attraction of gravity, and the repulsion of dark energy", said team member Professor Richard Bower, of Durham University.

"We asked ourselves how much dark energy can there be before life is impossible?" said Pascal Elahi, another research fellow of the same Australian university.

The Multiverse theory, introduced in the 1980s, can elucidate the fortunately small quantity of dark energy in our universe because of which life could thrive among many universes that could not.

"The Multiverse was previously thought to explain the observed value of dark energy as a lottery - we have a lucky ticket and live in the Universe that forms lovely galaxies which permit life as we know it", saidLuke Barnes of Western Sydney University.

He included: "Our simulations reveal that even if there was far more dark energy and even hardly any in deep space then it would just have a very little result on star and planet development.".

Even when the simulated universe contained hundreds of times more or less dark energy than there is in our universe, planets and stars still formed and life evolved. But given the levels of dark energy in our Universe, there is likely a natural law we have yet to discover.

"I think we should look for a new physical law to explain this odd characteristic of our universe, and the theory of multiverses has little effect on the discomfort of saving physicists".

They published their finding of research in the Monthly journal, the Royal Astronomical Society.

The research suggests that if we reside in the Multiverse, we should observe about 50 times the amount of dark energy that we now do. The dark energy is defined as the unusual force, which is triggering the universe to expand.

Some recommended this implied that, in some areas, deep space is still broadening and will continue to grow definitely.

The fact that the universe continues to expand means that it creates a multiverse: it is essentially our own infinite cosmic supply. 2018. The impact of dark energy on galaxy formation. Modern cosmology poses questions like do other universes exist as a part of larger multiverse and could it nurture life. Most of the experts have said the parallel universes to be non-supporters of the evolution of life. Scientists believe that Aliens are also advanced in technology and they would find a way one day to communicate with them.

This latest study proves that it may eventually find the lives of aliens - leaving behind a lot of optimistic information, that is, at certain times we do find that we are not alone.

This opens the doors to the likelihood that life could be feasible throughout an extensive range of other universes, if they thrived the researchers said.

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