Lenovo teases the Z5, a true all-screen phone

Lenovo Tri Fold Display Laptop

Lenovo Tri Fold Display Laptop

In two new images that surfaced over on Weibo thanks to Lenovo's VP Chang Cheng, the phone is clearly visible with an extremely small border surrounding its display.

Many Other technology have been released over the Past couple of years to empower so-called "bezel-less" layouts on contemporary phones.

We don't know anything else about the Lenovo Z5, so it may well be a long way off, if it launches at all, as it could just be a concept, but hopefully we'll get to see it in the flesh before too long. It works to remove the notch, but to some it might not be worth having to drop the edge-to-edge claim.

If Lenovo has figured out how to make an all-screen device without needing to cut out space in the display for front-facing sensors, that'll be a pretty big win for the company. Other than that, there were no details about where in the production process the Z5 is, or if that process has even started yet. Lenovo is trying to one up everybody by teasing a truly "all-screen" phone. He wrote that "Lenovo Z5 will have a screen ratio of 95 percent, it will include four technological breakthroughs and 18 patented technologies". While Apple may claim the iPhone X has been "all display", its notorious notch - along with the rash of Android imitators that followed - states differently.

The trend among current flagships is to do away with the front fingerprint sensor (either by switching to face recognition, like iPhone X, or moving it to the back of the phone) and to house the front camera and sensors into a "notch" on top of the phone's face.

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