Hero pup saves doggy buddy from drowning in pool

Smokey Remus dogs FB

Smokey Remus dogs FB

Becerra posted a video to Facebook which shows her daughter's dog, named Remus, leaping into the pool to save Smokey from drowning.

The two friends, Remus and Smokey, were out in the family's backyard in Mesa, Arizona when suddenly, Smokey fell into the family pool. The video shows Smokey becoming more and more stressed.

After a couple of unsuccessful makes an attempt to get the canine out of the water, Remus might be seen jumps into the pool to present his buddy a nudge.

The video was captured on a security camera at the home of Laurie and Jay Becerra, KSAT reported. But for these two pups, it's a dog-save-dog world.

Laurie wrote on Facebook: 'So Remus and Smokey got a little rambunctious.

"When we saw the footage, we were amazed and our hearts were filled with joy, said "Dodo" a friend of Bezerra, who sent the video to Reddit".

At some point, Remus moves slightly to the left, and fighting Smokey is slowly coming to him. "Smokey can swim just not well, Jay recorded this off our security camera when he saw Smokey all wet!" My best friend cried when we sent him the video. They play around pool all the time with no incidence'. "She says he's a certified lifeguard now".

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