'Have some respect': Hilary Duff publicly shames her neighbour for smoking

Hilary Duff Calls Out 'A-hole' Neighbor on Instagram After Sleepless Night: 'Don't Be a Dick Dude!'

Hilary Duff Calls Out 'A-hole' Neighbor on Instagram After Sleepless Night: 'Don't Be a Dick Dude!'

The "Younger" actress, 30, is now residing in Manhattan while shooting the hit sitcom but is having issues with her pesky neighbour who "smokes cigarettes and weed" all night.

Duff, 30, took to social media to issue a plea to her fellow New Yorkers for advice on how to deal with a hard neighbour in her exclusive Soho apartment building. My neighbour smokes cigarettes and weed all night long. "So I pushed him out of the apartment, but I didn't assault him".

"We know your parents pay your rent", taunted Duff. "Don't be a dick dude and put your trash down the shoot".

Duff, who is a mother to a six-year-old son named Luca, also instructed Dieter to "stop breaking all your furniture when you fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend". In an 11-slide Instagram story Wednesday morning, the Younger star detailed her frustration at getting a bad night's sleep because of this guy's hijinks. I've been sober for months now.

Along with plastering her neighbor's name (Dieter Addison) all over each of her Instagram posts, Duff also drew cat faces over a blurry picture of him - which honestly feels a little middle school to us.

According to a post on the New York blog Guest of A Guest, Hilary Duff and her party boy neighbor live in a high-end building on Wooster Street in New York City. He added that he hired an attorney after he began receiving "hate mail and threats" from Duff's fans, and is "scared for his life". "I smoke a ton of cigarettes, don't get me wrong, but this is a smoking building, which is why I signed the lease here", Addison told Page Six. "I am from a very private German family and we are hiring lawyers". 'When she first complained about smoke, I did offer to send in my own contractors to fix the ventilation problems. "Therapy is cheaper", she wrote in an Instagram video. A 2016 New York Times obituary said he was a self-made man who built a business empire that included a family vineyard, importing Lowenbrau beer to New York state and starting a distribution network for other beers. But in conflict to Hilary's rant, a source for the blog says Addison is simply a social butterfly who throws a late-night after-party every so often.

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