Google under investigation in Australia for allegedly collecting data of Android users

Android Apps Chrome OS Notification Snoozing

Android Apps Chrome OS Notification Snoozing

Google, which has been fighting Oracle in court for years over the code used in Android, hit back at its nemesis by pointing out that Oracle is a major player in the behind-the-scenes trafficking in people's data. That's why in Android P, the Pixel 2 phones might get a new color mode, one that will decide what's best on the user's behalf. Google claims they developed "cleanroom" versions, however the lawsuit has gone on for some time and after a trip on appeal by Oracle to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in March, Google was found to have infringed upon their copyright.

Even though Google claims that customers have given their consent to hand over the data when they chose to use an Android smartphone, data privacy advocates say that customers are unaware about the real consequences of their decision. "This allows it to know where a device is connecting or attempting to connect without using the phone's location service".

According to ZDNet, Google has also revamped the way users navigate their smartphone.

With the number of Android users in Australia around 10 million, if Google were to pay to collect their data, the price tag at current data costs would be somewhere between $432 and $540 million annually.

Wear OS Phone has a feature called Quick Replies that allows you to reply to a call using SMS, much like you can now do on your Android phone.

This has been discovered in the previous version of Android P released for developers.

Your briefing - It can be almost impossible to keep up with every story you care about.

There is a DND mode which stops all notifications altogether but this is already present in nearly all Android phones right now in the market.

Sure these phones won't all have a stock-like software experience that looks the same as the beta does today, but getting the latest features and software updates is always a move in the right direction no matter what the interface customizations may be.

Android P includes a lot of features and changes. That should translate into faster updates for phones going forward, particularly now that Project Treble is in play, but also more stable software for phones that launch with Android P as well.

Before the update, let's say you are about to start a video and you know it may be loud.

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