Fox brings back 'Last Man Standing'

Last Man Standing was dropped by ABC after six seasons

Last Man Standing was dropped by ABC after six seasons

Amid the enormous quantities of TV renewal and cancellation news hitting the airwaves, FOX announced its revival of Last Man Standing.

The demise of "Last Man" on ABC past year spurred much chatter that it the decision was influenced by Allen's conservative political views, which made the show a favorite among red-state demos.

Fox execs always felt, she said, that ABC, "for whatever reason" had not prioritized the comedy series, which was produced at Fox.

Fox is apparently "really happy" that NBC picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine and even happier with their own revival of Last Man Standing. A year ago, ABC axed "Last Man Standing", which had attracted more than 8.3 million viewers. Also, Last Man Standing is easier for new viewers to follow than Brooklyn Nine-Nine's serialized comedy. This year, the timing for "Last Man" was flawless as Fox sought broad meat-and-potatoes comedies to land on Friday to take advantage of the promotional platform offered by another newcomer to its schedule, "Thursday Night Football". "We just think it's a really amusing show that the audience responded to". "Is there any other show in history that has not only retained its audience but has beaten most other comedies of its type that has been canceled as abruptly?"

Nearly exactly a year after its cancellation, following petitions and cries from fans to bring it back, Allen thanked everyone for their support and announced that the show would air on Fox starting in the fall of 2018. Tim's personal politics really aren't a big feature of the show...

"It's a amusing show and audiences responded to it", he explained simply, saying now is the time to bring it back, after a season of dormancy, Fox having added Thursday Night Football to its arsenal. "Ultimately we felt like we didn't have the exact right place to schedule it this year".

"I think one of the great things about broadcast television is that the fans get very connected to these stars, the character and the shows", he said. Sundays, the only live action comedy that night on Fox, following the animated shows "The Simpsons", "Bob's Burgers" and "Family Guy".

The news of "Last Man Standing" being resurrected by Fox came just days after Allen teased a possible reboot of his series on social media.

Fox and other broadcasters are presenting their 2018-19 schedules to advertisers in NY this week. "It's the fans! I could not be more grateful for the fans who wrote petitions and kept up the passion and incredible support for the show".

"It was based on a variety of factors", said Dana Walden, Chairmen and CEO, Fox Television Group. "Well, just goes to show you - a lot can happen in a year".

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