E3 2018 Attendees Will Need to Register to Play Super Smash Bros

Nintendo E3 2018 Schedule Released: Super Smash Bros. Gets Spotlight

Nintendo E3 2018 Schedule Released: Super Smash Bros. Gets Spotlight

Nintendo added that you need to sign up to play Super Smash Bros. for Switch.

Nintendo is likely pushing out this announcement ahead of its big E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, which is set to focus on Super Smash Bros Switch along with (hopefully) containing a few surprises. The signups are mandatory if you want to participate during E3 while the demo is available on the show floor, and you can opt for a ticket for "fun" to play against others casually or for "glory" in a competitive elimination match.

In the game, you go on vacation to the tropical Kawawii island and stay in a special resort.

This should provide fans with a faster, smoother experience so they can play the Super Smash Bros. game and spend more time enjoying the rest of the June 12-14 show.

Anyone who registers for E3 2018 by May 31 will receive an email from E3 organizers on June 5 with details about how to reserve one electronic ticket to play the game (available while time slots last). The cel-shaded art style brings Japanese folklore to life, while immersive motion controls and HD Rumble make this the ultimate port of one the greatest games of all time.

For more details about ticketing, visit https://e3.nintendo.com/attendee-faq for continuing updates. Hoping to avoid that situation this year with Super Smash Bros., Nintendo is implementing a registration system for the game.

All of Nintendo's other games at E3 will be available to demo on a first-come, first-served basis.

Go Vacation was created by acclaimed developer Bandai Namco. It's packed with 50 minigames and will support solo and co-op play, with concessions for using the same Switch device or linking up locally via wireless.

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