Audiologists Weigh In on Yanny Vs. Laurel Debate

File 20180516 155555

File 20180516 155555

My guess is that peoples' ears are producing the same effect as the High Pass Filter, where their ears are not able to pick up the lower frequencies and thus only hear "Yanny" because the harmonics that produce the "Laurel" sound are not perceived.

Did you think it was Yanny or Laurel??

And, like back then, there's a simple explanation for why people perceive one thing so differently - and science can explain it.

Introducing: the Yanny-Laurel debate that's fractured the internet.

"That will be affected by number one how good their hearing is so if someone has hearing loss then the higher frequencies, the top portion will be not as accessible so they'll tend to hear it as Laurel", Dr. Bunta said.

In perhaps the most vexing element of the debate, the majority of listeners hear beyond doubt one of the two words, with few waffling between the two.

We were visually given the two words to listen for. "She looked it up on, and played the audio".

If you heard "Laurel", you are the victor and have earned bragging rights for this round of internet debate. "When somebody hears the "L" in Laurel, they hear something different".

Twitter users flocked to the website to share what they heard. Now that the brain is primed to cut through the noise, you will probably be able to hear "The juice of lemons makes fine punch". And using what's called a speech banana, the audiologists say both sounds are very similar in frequency and volume. So if you're listening on your phone, laptop speakers or through cheap headphones, you might hear something different than with a high-quality sound system, CNET reports. He also recorded himself saying "Yanny" and "Laurel", for comparison.

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