Armenian PM expects relations with Russian Federation to improve

Новый премьер Армении рассказал как страна будет вести себя с РФ

Новый премьер Армении рассказал как страна будет вести себя с РФ

According to Oxu.Az, the due statement came from Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, commenting on USA sanctions against the products of the Russian military-industrial complex in his interview to "Russia 24" TV channel.

As previously reported, on may 8 the Armenian Parliament the second time elected leader of the protests, Pashinian Prime Minister of the country. They have shown the world that they can demand less corruption and more accountability from their government and win.

Nikol Pashinyan hopes for the preservation of good relations with Russian Federation.

In a referendum in 2015, Armenia adopted constitutional changes to move the powers from the president to the prime minister.

The Armenian PM repeated his statement that the relations of the two countries must be developed independently from geopolitical factors. The election capped several weeks of peaceful, primarily youth-led protests by hundreds of thousands throughout Armenia, which led to the resignation of former Prime Minister Serge Sargisyan, who had held the position for a mere six days.

During the phone conversation on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the importance of taking advantage of the existing capacities and potentials in Iran and Armenia to develop Tehran-Yerevan relations, saying that "the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to develop relations and cooperation with its neighboring countries". He also stressed the importance of the Armenian Diaspora and the significant role it will play in Armenia's future.

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