Zuckerberg's compensation soars 53.5% on security costs

Mark Zuckerberg’s Ex Speechwriter Is Calling BS On His Claims Of Ignorance

Mark Zuckerberg’s Ex Speechwriter Is Calling BS On His Claims Of Ignorance

He also said he was not familiar with what various media reports call "shadow profiles", collections of data assembled on Facebook users that they have no knowledge of or control over. "We have to make sure people aren't using it to harm people or spread disinformation", Zuckerberg told the Senators.

With the pressure mounting on the social network, some are speculating that Facebook may soon launch a paid-for version of the platform alongside its current free offering. The significance of this increase is that Zuckerberg, who owns more than 401.4 million shares in Facebook, is now $3 billion richer due to his appearance with the Senate and House Energy and Commerce Committee. Securing your personal data is more complicated than just running an antivirus suite and using a password manager to come up with unique logins for every site. "When we first contacted Cambridge Analytica, they told us they had deleted the data", Zuckerberg said.

Facebook is conducting an internal audit to discover how many third-party apps scraped user data.

Some politicians grew frustrated at their limit of four minutes each to press Mr Zuckerberg on specifics, and chastised the billionaire at times for offering up rehearsed platitudes about valuing user privacy. "There are two sides of Facebook, one is Facebook itself and the other is a tool for individuals to share their information with particular people and particular communities". It doesn't. But it does trade off user data.

Zuckerberg was unable to answer Dingell, the MI congresswoman, when she asked how frequently Facebook used computer code embedded in websites to gather dossiers on virtually everyone online. "Starting today, apps using the API will no longer be able to access the guest list or posts on the event wall".

Facebook does say it expects its expenses to rise as it brings on more employees to deal with security issues and content moderation, and more costs will come with regulation in the US, the prospect of which Zuckerberg has welcomed. All the same, the level of questioning suggests that those in Congress lack in some cases even a basic understanding of how Facebook - or online services more broadly - work.

The developer of the quiz app Cambridge Analytica used to collect the data of some 87 million Facebook users also had access to their private messages, according to a warning sent by the social media giant to affected users. "I can have our team get back to you afterwards". "It's been reported that Facebook has as many as 29,000 data points for an average Facebook user". The Cut, was quick to zero in on Zuckerberg's puffy undereye circles.

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