Whatever happens, a teacher walkout is a bad idea

Harley Stokes 96 with current teacher Chris Phillips 26 of Hampden St School

Harley Stokes 96 with current teacher Chris Phillips 26 of Hampden St School

As we're all sadly aware, most school shooters opt for deadly efficient weapons like the AR-15, which was used in the Parkland shooting and meant the deaths of 17 people in a matter of minutes. And in more than half of states, school funding levels have not returned to pre-Great Recession levels.

"'We need to step up and completely dig into what their voting records are", said Mitchell.

"We don't want to lock people in".

"I'm hoping they call for an audit so we can see where everything is going", said Henry. She said they "wanted to make it bigger".

"They don't understand the mind and heart of a teacher", said Cooper, pointing to the Capitol.

"Fair and equitable school funding based on student need is fundamental for public schools to ensure every child gets the high-quality education they deserve", AEU president Correna Haythorpe said.

"He was like, nice, a good teacher, a good PE coach", said Sergio.

So, if the appropriate number of signatures are collected and the new revenue is put on a state question to voters in November, the new revenue if repealed would cut the overall state budget not just the $2.9 billion set aside for common education. Other students intervened and pulled him off the boy.

"Our schools are closed today, so I feel like we should be out here, speaking out", said Maria Beltran, an elementary teacher from Oklahoma City, who was waving a sign outside the Capitol, joined by her two daughters.

"We, as staff members, are not here trying to boost our salaries". In related developments, more than 70 USA colleges and universities joined a "friend of the court" brief in support of an ongoing court challenge to President Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. They could go and stand up for what they believe in in Frankfort, while on the other hand their heart strings were pulled because they had you.

Wells said if the students really want to help and reach the teachers, go educators and tell them "thank you for advocating on our behalf all year".

I left Pauls Valley (Wednesday) morning to try to find out the answer to the greatest threat to the new funding source brought about by HB1010xx, the Tom Coburn Tax Repeal. Many said they paid for classroom supplies with their own money while working multiple jobsto make ends meet.

If there is a walkout, it could be a long one: Teachers statewide are demanding a 20 percent raise from the Legislature.

Brennan said it was always a hard choice "We'd love to be in the classroom" but teachers knew the walkout was a battle worth fighting.

"They were spread into our teaching team because a symbolic reminder of this district change in its existing response from shelter set up (hide) to now include the options of conducting and/or fighting back", he explained.

Hardin County Schools spokesman John Wright said no disciplinary action would be taken against students who walked out of their schools.

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