UFC Glendale: Dustin Poirier demands title shot after stopping Justin Gaethje cold

UFC on FOX 29 discussion thread

UFC on FOX 29 discussion thread

Last night though was a lot different - not only did Poirier engage Justin Gaethje in his type of fight - a wild brawl - but from the off, even when he got hurt, it never felt like Poirier wasn't in control of the action, and in the end, his hard work paid off. "And I will be known and remembered as one of the most entertaining fighters that ever did it", Gaethje said after the fight.

Gaethje's latest setback will leave him just shy of the lightweight title discussion and in an interview given to a media scrum after the fight (via MMAFighting), he made it clear that he can only see himself competing in the sport five more times.

Poirier appeared willing to fight on despite the effect it had on his vision and argued with the cageside doctor and referee to continue.

Dustin Poirier vowed to finesse Justin Gaethje, and finesse him he did. He won the third round on all three scorer's cards despite a point deduction, but couldn't avoid Poirier's left hand in the fourth to lose his second straight fight after opening 18-0. Dean jumped in at 33 seconds after Gaethje collapsed to the ground.

It was the 29-year-old's 20th fight in the UFC, but he is yet to have a chance to challenge for a title.

"This guy would've died in here if Herb Dean didn't stop it", Poirier said. "He has no quit in him, and I respect that 100 percent". "I'm not chasing rematches with Conor (McGregor), or rematches with Eddie (Alvarez)".

What remains unsure, however, is whether Poirier will get his wish for an instant title shot. Probably not given both McGregor and Tony Ferguson are lurking and looking for a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, but it seemed to be a sign that Poirier is finally living up to his elite-level potential, and that's only a good thing.

Either way, Poirier perfectly showcased not only his toughness but his evolution as a fighter both physically and mentally.

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