Trump's attorneys: Federal Bureau of Investigation 'took everything' in Cohen raids

The actress Stephanie Clifford who uses the stage name Stormy Daniels performs at the Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale strip club | Joe Raedle  Getty Images

The actress Stephanie Clifford who uses the stage name Stormy Daniels performs at the Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale strip club | Joe Raedle Getty Images

Hendon proposed yet another level of protections, in which Cohen's lawyers, after finishing their initial review, then be required to "identify to the president all seized materials that relate to him in any way and provide a copy of those materials to him and his counsel".

Federal officials raided Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's residences, office and safety deposit box, taking records and electronic devices including two cellphones.

(After all, the government filter team can't set aside privileged communications between Cohen and one of his clients if it doesn't know whom he represents.) During a hearing last week, Judge Kimba Wood ordered Cohen's attorneys to reveal those clients by Monday morning.

Last week, prosecutors said in a court filing that they have been investigating Cohen for months "for criminal conduct that largely centers on his personal business dealings".

"The appearance of fairness and justice is compromised by the government's use of the its own personnel to review potentially privileged material", Hendon wrote.

Cohen's legal team said he had just three clients in 2017 and 2018.

Prosecutors say that request should be rejected, noting that there is an established two-step process to determine what material is covered by attorney-client privilege.

The judge in the Stewart case cited "extraordinary circumstances", namely that Stewart's files contained information related to clients unrelated to the case, and that Stewart shared an office with other lawyers, and some of the files may have involved their clients. But the raid reportedly unsettled Trump enough that he had a phone call with Cohen on Friday to "check in".

The hearing in a New York City courtroom stems from a surprise raid this month on Cohen's home and office.

The porn star, who was paid $130,000 in a hush agreement over her alleged affair with Trump, sat on a foldable seat, keeping a steady gaze on Cohen. Trump's lawyers say they also want some form of prior review. They claim it's protected by attorney-client privilege.

Joanna Hendon, Trump's lawyer, told an initial court hearing last Friday that the USA president has an "acute interest" in the matter.

The disclosure came as a NY judge disappointed a lawyer for Trump by letting prosecutors proceed with the cataloguing of evidence including multiple electronic devices that were seized in raids while a system is set up to ensure that records protected by attorney-client privilege aren't disclosed to investigators.

Prosecutors challenged the letter, saying this is not a special case, adding that "Michael Cohen and President Trump made inflammatory public statements about this case", Gainer reported.

President Donald Trump has been furious with the Federal Bureau of Investigation ever since the raid on the office of his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, resulting in the confiscation of all client-related documents.

Before he took office, Trump lashed out at US intelligence agencies, accusing them of leaking reports about the existence of the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. "All lawyers are deflated and concerned".

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