This new ransomware seems to really want you to play PUBG

A graph describing the changes made to PUBG’s blue zone on 4/11/2018

A graph describing the changes made to PUBG’s blue zone on 4/11/2018

In addition, the blue zone's damage has been buffed for the seventh, eighth, and ninth sequences, while the safe zone will now tend to favour locations with land instead of water as the match enters its final phase. Finally, clothing items are no longer available as loot, so you have to get them the old-fashioned way - via in-game purchases or by slaying another player. PUBG Corp is specifically asking for feedback on many of these changes, including the earlier reveal of the safe zones, which they indicated may not make it to the next update if players hate it.

You can now send requests for invitations by clicking the invite button on another player's career screen. For one, after removing the clothing spawns on the Savage Experimental Test Server last week, it appears PUBG Corp is considering applying that change across the rest of the game. But you have to be aware that team DBNO and team kills subtract 5 points from your score.

The thrust of PUBG Update 10 is three-pronged. Who wants to loot for trousers when you can get a cool gun or ammo instead?

The newest update notes for the PC version of PUBG have just released and it's bringing some much-needed tweaks to the game. Aside from these gameplay changes, there has also been a handful of bug fixes, as you'd expect. With less time to wait between each phase, the overall feel of all maps becomes more frantic, regardless of size.

This also should improve performance when several players are in close proximity.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has received a new patch, and though it only features a few changes, they're very significant. Tell us in the comments section!

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