'The Walking Dead' Fans Are Worried Maggie Is A Villain

Michonne in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

Michonne in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

Fear the Walking Dead returned for its fourth season last night after the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead. The final lines to Negan as he recuperates are virtually the same, with Rick telling him that they're going to keep him alive and let him rot away in a jail cell while he watches their society thrive without him.

Judging by the preview image above, we could be looking at the end of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) tenure on The Walking Dead.

And after a climactic battle in which many of Negan's followers, the Saviours, were wiped out by their own defective bullets, Rick seemed willing to do just that. Not too long after that, Rick killed Negan ... or did he? Then he got all teary-eyed; Rick got teary-eyed, too, and then he slashed Negan's throat. Was Negan really the only reason why all of these people were on the war path, including Laura, who until now has been as hungry for Alexandrian blood as the Walkers? "Carl didn't know a damn thing", croaked a bleeding Negan.

Despite the departure of Morgan to join "Fear the Walking Dead", the show must do relatively little reloading, a challenge it has regularly faced (and one of the things that has kept the narrative fresh), sometimes with uneven results. Negan has been the villain for two full seasons now, which have also been two of the most tiresome the show has ever delivered. I really think that Rick has the right idea on building the future. "And Jesus, he would not have killed the surrendering Saviors, but he's not Morgan".

Everything came down to the final battle between Rick and Negan, with Rick making one last plea for his adversary to find a way to move forward without fighting. I hope that the people who have been watching that show still see what they love in the show, which I think are the characters. When discussing which characters he would like to come back, McDermitt said he'd like to star alongside John Bernthal (Shane Walsh) because they never worked together on the show. Viewing of "The Walking Dead" has already fallen off pretty dramatically, a byproduct of age, the overall gravity of a saturated TV marketplace and yes, missteps that the program has made along the way. Going by the name Al for short, this new survivor has a SWAT truck rigged with guns and plenty of supplies to survive the apocalypse.

I am pleased with the ending of season 8.

Rick finally deigned to talk to Siddiq about how Carl got bitten but, honestly, the stuff about Carl honouring Siddiq's dead mother by killing zombies to release their souls sounded just as stupid as it did the first time around.

The Walking Dead will return for season 9 in the 2018-2019 TV season on AMC.

Of course, the two biggest obstacles in their way are Rick and Michonne. Rick was on the ground; Negan was about to brain him with Lucille and Rick asked for a 10-second reprieve "for Carl". Do you think Rick made the right decision? While the episode nailed the crucial plot points of the source material, we also saw several divergences that set up intriguing future storylines. Until then, check out what we learned about Fear the Walking Dead's new character Althea from star Maggie Grace, and then head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere schedule to see what other shows are on the way.

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