Taylor Swift September cover: Best social media reactions

Acoustic Version of'Delicate and Cover of Earth Wind and Fire's'September

Acoustic Version of'Delicate and Cover of Earth Wind and Fire's'September

"People who are mad at Taylor Swift for changing the genre of September are the same people who think I Will Always Love You is an original Whitney Houston song", one user tweeted. So criticism was as swift as it was inevitable.

Swift takes the upbeat groove and transforms it into a folksy ballad with a country tinge that fans of the R&B icons just can't wrap their heads around.

Another user joked: 'Do you rememba. when taylor swift wrote an open letter about how much she hated spotify and now she's releasing live covers of songs exclusively to their platform?'

Songwriters Maurice White, Al McKay, and Allee Willis wanted it uptempo and danceable while still contemplative and romantic, The vocal range is off the charts falsetto high and whether Swift has the range to pull it off is your decision.

The conversation grew more complicated on Twitter, where the song was met with bewildered detractors and fierce defenders. Swift said she covered "September" for "sentimental reasons". Swift replaces the big vibrant sound with a slowed down banjo laced country feel that totally disrespect's the songs intention.

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