'Sea of Thieves' Updates Detailed in Wake of Fan Complaints

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When adding content, Rare wants to bring players together in interesting ways, enrich the world, give players new ways to play, provide a variety of goals and rewards, and broaden the journey to Pirate Legend and beyond.

"We are hugely excited to be beginning this phase of 'Sea of Thieves, ' and seeing where the adventure takes us", said executive producer Joe Neate.

Following the release of The Hungering Deep, Sea of Thieves will then be hosting weekly events that will run until the next content update. The first update will be called "The Hungering Deep" and will arrive in May. Neate also alluded to the introduction of new ways for crews to communicate with one another. We will also be introducing a number of new mechanics to assist players on this adventure, and there will be unique rewards that players can earn as part of this event. The content updates will introduce "major new features" as well as fresh items, mechanics, and goals.

Everything introduced as part of the timed event will remain as part of Sea of Thieves once the timed event ends.

The question now is whether or not Rare can keep those players logging on. Another one is skeleton thrones scattered around the world for players to find.

In it, they discuss the two content packs that'll follow The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. Each update will be free for all "Sea of Thieves" players.

A new upcoming ship seems set in stone for Cursed Sails, but the details are limited. The only hint given is that it will introduce new rewards and new mechanics. This will be a "more perilous" part of the world that includes yet another new AI threat that is themed around that area. Crew size isn't revealed, but my guess is that it will be a new ship for three-man crews as opposed to having an even larger ship for more players. I think Rare is on the right track with its plans, which also include "three more major updates" during fall and winter.

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