Republican Women Celebrate Anti-Sex-Trafficking Legislation Becoming Law

Trump Cancels Visit to S. America, Wants to Oversee US Syria Response

Trump Cancels Visit to S. America, Wants to Oversee US Syria Response

The bill signing comes amid a flurry of other unrelated news, news that reporters will nearly certainly ask Mr. Trump about on Wednesday.

"Trafficking is probably worse today than at any time in our history", the President said during the signing ceremony.

Language in FOSTA states that the "Communications Decency Act of 1996 was never meant to provide legal protection to websites that unlawfully promote and facilitate prostitution and websites that facilitate traffickers in advertising the sale of unlawful sex acts with sex trafficking victims".

Trump Cancels Visit to S. America, Wants to Oversee US Syria Response

The woman - who was identified to reporters as MA - is a sex trafficking survivor who was the first person to sue, a classified ads website that is often used for sex trafficking and the prostitution of minors.

The legislation received support from members of both political parties, as well as advocacy organizations like Polaris, ECPAT USA and the National Center on Missing & Exploited Children. "You are not alone". Sens. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, spearheaded the bill's efforts in the Senate. "We are all together, politicians both Republicans and Democrats, in signing this bill and presenting this to you in your honor". The 93-count indictment alleges the website facilitated prostitution and laundered tens of millions of dollars in profits and teenage girls were sold for sex on the site. It was spurred from a Senate investigation into, the online classified ad site that had "knowingly concealed" evidence of criminal sex trafficking through its site and facilitated child sex trafficking, according to the Senate's findings.

Rep. Wagner's Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) targets online content that promotes or facilitates prostitution, making it punishable by up to 10 years in prison. "And to do hard things, it takes a lot of grit and gumption a little grace from God", she said.

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