E. Coli cases in NJ part of larger national problem, CDC says

Health officials probe E. coli outbreak in 7 states

Health officials probe E. coli outbreak in 7 states

Despite the fact that 7 U.S. states have been affected by E. Coli, so far, only New Jersey seems to concentrate most of the cases with 6 confirmed E. Coil infections.

Reports of E. coli related illnesses first emerged between March 22 and March 31, among people aged 12 to 84 years, with a median age of 41, the CDC said.

The other states affected include Connecticut, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington, for a total of 17 cases.

It is still early in the investigation and no specific source of the infection has been identified so far.

The CDC still has yet to figure out what the cause of the outbreak is and is not yet recommending people avoid certain foods or restaurants. Restaurants and retailers are not now advised to avoid serving or selling any particular food. "These detectives who are called epidemiologists will go and start investigating, they will look at all patients", Dr. Raj Kapila, a professor in the department of medicine at Rutgers University in New Jersey, told CBS New York. New Jersey has been hit the hardest, with six cases of the infection.

The six reported cases of people infected by the E. coli bacteria is just one part of a much larger investigation being conducted on the national level. Symptoms include diarrhea, which can be bloody, severe stomach cramps and vomiting.

Wash your hands after using the restroom or changing diapers, before and after preparing or eating food, and after contact with animals. Steaks and roasts should be cooked to at least 145˚F and let rest for 3 minutes after you remove meat from the grill or stove. This can be due to ingestion of contaminated food and water or poor hygiene. Thoroughly wash hands, counters, cutting boards, and utensils after they touch raw meat.

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