Chewbacca takes centre stage in new Solo: A Star Wars story trailer

Get a sneaky peak at the new Star Wars movie Solo

Get a sneaky peak at the new Star Wars movie Solo

Perhaps my favorite scene from this new footage is at the Sabacc table where Han is facing Lando (presumably this is where he wins the Millennium Falcon).

Lucasfilm has released a new teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story which highlights the early days of Han Solo and sheds some light on how his friendship with Chewie developed.

After blocking Miculek's rapid blaster fire with his hand and then disarming the Solo stand-in with the power of the Force, Vader asks Miculek to test fire some Star Wars themed rifles and sign a poster for his son, who is a "huge fan". It includes a voiceover of Han counting down before everything explodes and we see a ship, we assume containing our heroes, racing away in the nick of time.

There's also a large focus on gambling in the spot, as we see money moving around a table a lot and Han apparently playing poker against somebody. Now the audience will see how Chewbacca and Han Solo met.

Such a cool moment to get to witness between the most iconic duo in Star Wars Universe. The footage just affirmed what the impression I already had of the film and that is that it will be an exciting blend of action and humor - two things that I think characterize Han Solo in the original trilogy. The Han and Chewbacca interaction feels right, even if other parts of it seem to still be trying to find the right footing.

Chewbacca is an underrated Star Wars character.

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