Alfie Evans' parents lose legal fight to move son to Italian hospital

Image Credit Facebook

Image Credit Facebook

Tom Evans, 21, and Kate James, 20, had asked Court of Appeal judges to rule that 23-month-old Alfie could go overseas for treatment.

Young Aflie is suffering from an as-yet undiagnosed degenerative brain condition and a judge ruled his life support machine should be switched off.

Tom Evans and Kate James asked the Court of Appeal on Monday to allow the terminally ill 23-month-old to be transferred to an alternative hospital in Italy. "They should forfeit ability to dictate Alfie's best interests.not terminate his life due to their failures to diagnose him and treat him effectively".

Alfie's parents have already lost fights in the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

For months, Alfie's parents have been locked in a legal battle with United Kingdom courts to stop the hospital from removing Alfie's life support.

"We will never give up on you, Alfie".

Police are now entering Alder Hey hospital as a crowd of protesters gathers outside chanting "save Alfie Evans!" Tom also claimed he had video evidence of hospital staff falling asleep during times in which they were supposed to be caring for Alfie.

Appeal court officials said an appeal court judge had decided that Alfie should continue to receive treatment pending the outcome of Monday's Court of Appeal hearing.

Victoria Georgina tweeted: "Alder Hey are an incredible hospital and as much as i feel for Alfie's parents #imwithalderhey this has turned into something it shouldn't have and the disregard shown to other children, families and the staff who work so hard for our children everyday, is shocking".

Protesters gathered outside the hospital last week after a judge endorsed a plan for doctors at Alder Hey to withdraw life support. Moylan said that Stroilov was "a man, not a lawyer" and that his legal advice was false since previous court rulings established that Alfie should remain in the hospital and that his parent's wishes did not take precedence.

"They can't break us - we are never going to back down", he said.

Diamond said he will file an appeal with the Supreme Court by Tuesday afternoon, The Liverpool Echo reported.

According to weekend news reports, Alfie Evans' mother was told to leave his bedside after the hospital informed Alfie's parents that they would no longer be able to sleep in his hospital room overnight.

A date was set last week at London's High Court to terminate Alfie's life support but it was not made public for legal reasons.

Protestors converging outside the West Derby hospital have been urged to be mindful of other patients amid concerns about their behaviour.

He said medical experts' unanimous view was that Alfie's brain had been eroded by disease and further assessment was pointless.

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