YouTube dark mode starts hitting mobile, Android expected 'soon'

Above You Tube Dark Theme

Above You Tube Dark Theme

According to YouTube, the request for a dark theme was one of the "top requested features on mobile".

YouTube has announced today its iOS and Android apps are finally getting access to a "Dark Theme", which has been available on its desktop version of the site (but hard to find). This feature debuted on YouTube's desktop site past year.

Youtube is going dark on iOS and Android with a new update. Users can easily activate this feature by tapping on the account icon, settings and then dark theme.

Google also teased the feature as recently as January, when the dark mode was found within the app's code. For now, the feature's only available on iOS, but Google says it's coming to Android soon. The dark theme as well accentuates the colours in the app, drawing the true colours of the videos out. It's gentler on the eyes, which could encourage users to spend more time on YouTube's mobile app and possibly let them sleep easier. However, much like how a simple cup-holder in a auto can make or break a sale, a dark theme will prove a popular addition to the YouTube mix. Now, we know that it is on iOS and that it will soon be debuting on Android.

Dark themes on mobile have become more popular in recent times with services like Twitter, Reddit and Telegram embracing the dark theme.

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