'This Is Us' Fans React to Old Jack Pearson

This Is Us season 2 finale

This Is Us season 2 finale

Is Future Deja - who, at the wedding, went completely Beyonce-in-the-"Hold Up" video on Randall's vehicle - in jail or in a mental hospital? So as much as we like to theorize about where we think - and sometimes, wish - the characters will end up, oftentimes we're just blindly shooting darts at the dartboard. The bad news? It looks like the Pearson family's future is headed into some dark places.

"We're not playing any games, but I will say that seeing him was one of the most visceral punches that I think we ever had".

And I guess Toby may slip into a depression again, as he's in bed when Kate tells him that the doctor wants to talk about adjusting his medications.

But all of that is yet to come. Cousin Zoe tries to ease Deja's anger; like her, she was a teen angry at the world, no thanks to a mother who dumped her at her aunt's house when she was a child. The Kevin/Zoey dynamic will be interesting next year, it's a shame to see her exit because she was on maternity leave.

But while Deja has regressed, this week featured plenty of growth for the rest of the Pearson family, and the main four specifically. In the beginning of the season, Rebecca was only starting to understand how her actions affected Kate, even when she wasn't intending to hurt her feelings.

"This is Us" has gained a reputation as a certified tearjerker, and Tuesday night's Season 2 finale will be no exception - only this time, expect to cry sobs of joy. Believe us, these are happy tears of anguish.

Huertas told POPSUGAR that Miguel and Rebecca's love story will definitely unfold during season three. The guy has been the patient spouse of Rebecca (Mandy Moore) for years now, living in the shadow of his own best friend. It's time Miguel earned the respect he deserves for the unconditional love and patience he offers against unrelenting hostility.

At the wedding, Beth's cousin Zoey is the photographer. Specifically: Future Beth seems to be in danger, and the issue of what, exactly, will happen to her might replace "how did Jack die?" as the central question driving the series. The first steps were made tonight, but there is much work yet to be done to help Deja process her emotions.

"This Is Us" loaded on several new pieces of baggage Tuesday. When she laid it out for her mother that she is trying to emulate her as a singer, and aspires to be like her as a mother and wife, we finally saw the divide in their relationship. Rebecca is Kate's way. While Rebecca (Mandy Moore) gives a attractive rendition of "Moonshadow" by Cat Stevens during the dream sequence wedding, it is the song that plays at Kate and Toby's wedding that really made us shed a tear. Kate freaks out when she worries that he should have been in them. If something terrible had happened to her, there's no way he'd be composed enough to go sit at Tess' desk at work. She actually tweeted and invited guests to Kate and Toby's big day. Even though bad things happened to the Pearsons, the show was gentle enough in spirit to make it seem like everything eventually would be okay. This was a hugely symbolic moment for Kate, as she has carried the weight and guilt of his passing for far too long. Then, Kate sits at Toby's bedside as he has apparently been diagnosed with a serious illness.

Kevin could also suffer a relapse, especially considering the occasion. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We now have a long, long hiatus in which to speculate. Jack isn't going anywhere, so it's time to stop mourning his death and celebrate all those moments to come that he'll still be a part of.

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