Monster Hunter World Mega Man Palico Gear Added in New Update

Monster Hunter World Adding Mega Man Palico Gear April 13

Monster Hunter World Adding Mega Man Palico Gear April 13

The first major patch to hit the game will be live in about a week's time, on 22nd March.

As mentioned above, an article from the Japanese publication Famitsu gave us a release date for the Monster Hunter World Deviljho update, with a launch on March 22. Information was, and still is, sparse on the update, the only thing that is clear is that a major update will arrive by spring, it will feature the return of Deviljho, a fan favorite monster, and it will be completely free. If weapon changes aren't enough, rejoice as the March 22 update will also make it so ally attacks can no longer interrupt the carving animation.

Hunters, beware: the arrival of the Deviljho in the New World is nigh! Players will also be able to participate in "daily fun activities".

Players will be able to harvest the Deviljho's parts to craft two new sets of armor: Vangis Alpha and Vangis Beta, adding to the huge numbers of other armor sets that players can craft already, along with being able to serve as upgrade materials and crafting materials for all 14 different weapon categories. There'll even be a special new platter to chow down on too. Finally, starting on 13th April, the pixelated Mega Man armour set for your Palico will be available. This event will add some decorations to the Gathering Hall and will add a nighttime fireworks show to the game for the extent of the event. One extra detail worth noting is the introduction of Character Edit Vouchers, which will allow you to change your hunter's gender and appearance. Capcom will share more details closer to the event, but in the meantime, you can take a look at some screenshots of the made over Gathering Hub below.

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