Kim meeting only if North Korea fulfills promises: White House

South Korean envoys talk North Korea in China

South Korean envoys talk North Korea in China

The meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong un would go as planned if Pyongyang sticks to the promises it made, particularly regarding missiles and nuclear test, the White House said on Monday. "Therefore, we request that the two countries, U.S. and North Korea, use this summit meeting to find the correct path to reconciliation and peace", Ra told the WCC.

President Donald Trump agreed last week to meet with Kim by May, in what would be the first talks between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader.

As the world grew alarmed, disarmament talks intensified, and North Korea eventually moved in 2008 to destroy its Yongbyon nuclear reactor as a sign of goodwill.

"We know that they have responded due to that, and they have pushed this message through the South Koreans to us".

"We will continue to realise the goal of denuclearisation, uphold the peaceful unification of the peninsula, and solve problems through dialogue and consultation", he said.

There is no rational military "solution" to North Korea's nuclear arsenal. It is seen as very unlikely that Kim would go to Washington or Trump to Pyongyang, so most expect a neutral location to be used.

North and South Korea agreed to hold working talks to hammer out the details of the inter-Korean summit, but have not officially spoken since the South's delegation returned last week, Baik said.

It's not unusual for the North Korean media to take their time in getting out the news. For decades, North Korea has used bait-and-switch tactics, staging provocations interspersed with offers to negotiate. Trump then agreed to meet Kim by the end of May, he said. At around the same time that he is intending to meet with North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, for the first time, he is threatening to pull out of the Iran accord without European support for a renegotiation of its terms. "North Korea made several promises". It would also undermine the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which limits the spread of nuclear weapons and preserves China's status as one of a relatively small number of nuclear-armed states.

Kono said he also explained to Suh a Japanese plan to assist the process of North Korea's denuclearization by covering the initial costs needed for the International Atomic Energy Agency to resume stalled inspections of North Korean nuclear facilities.

Mr Chung expressed thanks for China's role at a meeting earlier with China's top diplomat, State Councillor Yang Jiechi. That's surely unknown. The hermetic kingdom of North Korea is one of the most closed countries in the world. Will the US and its allies ease sanctions if Kim agrees to discontinue nuclear and missile tests, as a first step toward peaceful relations? They were postponed during the recent Winter Olympics in South Korea which provided an impetus for the current diplomatic push on the divided Korean Peninsula.

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