Infamous Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0.0 Is Out

Undertale is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year

Undertale is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year

After heading to, they need to sign in to their Nintendo Account.

Once players have successfully linked their Facebook or Twitter account to their Nintendo Account, they may already see their Facebook and Twitter friends on the Friend Suggestions page.

Yes, the newest update to the Switch Parental Controls App directly mentions the 5.0.0 Switch update, and states that some of the new parental control features will not be available until the launch of the new Switch system firmware.

Other changes to Parental Controls have been implemented as well.

Using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, add specific software titles to your whitelist to exclude them from the console's Parental Controls Restricted Software setting.

To keep the Parental Controls PIN private, the default method for PIN entry has been changed to entering using the Control Stick and buttons instead of the on-screen number pad.

Nintendo Switch has continue d to evolve with the system software updates it gets occasionally. Your console will restart to complete the update. You can verify your current menu version and manually start the update from the System Settings menu if necessary.

Only time will tell in regards to these choices, but until Nintendo decides to let us in on a few more secrets, we want to know who YOU would include in your flawless Smash Bros Switch roster.

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