Winter Olympics: Swiss overpower unified Korean women's ice hockey team

Protesters march in downtown Seoul to criticize North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Feb. 10 2018

Protesters march in downtown Seoul to criticize North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Feb. 10 2018

Washington has repeatedly made its position clear that the North's authoritarian regime must first abandon its nuclear weapon ambitions if it wants talks with the US on ending sanctions.

Asked about criticism that Pence stood and cheered only for Team USA and stayed seated when the North and South Koreans marched in under a unified flag, the official was unapologetic.

The meeting also included two other high-level delegates- Choe Hwi, the chairman of the National Sports Guidance Committee, and Ri Son-gwon, the head of the North Korea's state agency in charge of inter-Korean affairs.

Talks between North and South Korean leaders have happened in the past without yielding any significant changes in North Korea's behavior.

'Having these red communists in the heart of Seoul is an utter humilation!' one protester shouted near the venue as dozens of others waved banners condemning both Moon and Kim Jong Un.

After the meeting, Moon had lunch with four North Korean officials, including Kim Yong Nam and Kim Yo Jong.

The two sides held talks for about three hours today, the day after the delegation arrived in South Korea for the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Protesters march in downtown Seoul to criticize North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea's President Moon Jae-in who they believe is too soft on Pyongyang on Feb. 10 2018

South Korea yesterday investigated a mysterious internet shutdown during the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, which follows warnings of possible cyber attacks during the Pyeongchang Games.

United States President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un weren't thrown out of their respective countries.

Despite Pence's remarks, the current administrations in Washington and Seoul have at times adopted contrasting tones when it comes to North Korea.

Pence had said all week that if he met with the North Koreans, he would deliver a tough message.

Mr Moon may also, analysts said, demand a chance for families divided by the border to reunite.

Farah in her tweet referenced the death of American Otto Warmbier, who died last year after being held prisoner for almost two years in North Korea.

A combined Korean women's hockey team took to the ice Saturday for the first time in Olympic history, and although Switzerland shut the Koreans out 8-0, the historical significance of the game was not lost.

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