What Trump didn't say in his State of the Union speech | Letters

What Trump didn't say in his State of the Union speech | Letters

What Trump didn't say in his State of the Union speech | Letters

Thank you for your feedback. In confronting these dangers, said Mr Trump, the US knows unmatched power is the surest means of its defence. "They have gone forward with a clear vision and a righteous vision to make America great for all Americans again". That wasn't a first, though, as the network's ratings have consistently beaten other cable providers' during the event.

Plus, injustice in America: It's not just the police, it's also the prosecutors-and their reliance on "forensics"-who create much of the injustice in the American justice system".

Stylistically, Trump was, well, Trump. His most immediate first-year impact was most likely cutting through bureaucracy and speeding up approval for some stalled oil pipelines. To date, it's the highest viewed such speech. The president made several specific requests, including for an infrastructure bill, immigration legislation and military funding. The President predictably mouthed the National Security Strategy's talking points about Russia and China being America's rivals, and he seemed to imply a new "Axis of Evil" when he spoke about the "dictatorships" in North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela.

But according to Fox News Research, 48 million watched Obama in 2010, and 62.1 million watched Bush in 2003. Roll Call analyzed the results for references to key words. Bernie Sanders response, the socialist response, the Rep. Maxine Waters response and the celebrity response. It's who they are and it's who he is.

You may not like President Trump's taste in ties or steak, his tweets or his curious rhetoric.

What Trump didn't say in his State of the Union speech | Letters

Elsewhere in his speech, the president trumpeted a future America with rebuilt public infrastructure.

In the presidential race, Trump talked about "extreme vetting" of people coming from terror-plagued countries. Trump had a powerful performance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and post-Bannon, he seems less manic.

That was a record high for Fox News during a State of the Union speech.

The president took enormous pride last night in claiming to have helped "extinguish ISIS from the face of the Earth". Will Trump's tweets and actions over the next few hours and days tend to reinforce or dismiss what was said in the controlled environment of the House chamber?

The first address was given by George Washington in 1790, in the then provisional capital of New York City.

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