Sunday booze sales coming after Legislature's OK

Sunday Sales Bill Sent To Governor's Desk

Sunday Sales Bill Sent To Governor's Desk

The state Senate voted 38-10 Thursday without any debate to give final legislative approval to repealing the Sunday alcohol sales ban that's been in place since the Prohibition era almost a century ago.

Governor Holcomb will likely sign the bill into law within the next week.

The prospect of ending a ban on Sunday carryout sales of alcohol in IN is now in the governor's hands. That's because the bill was tweaked last week to make it effective immediately after being signed, instead of July 1. He said that feedback from his district was split pretty evenly between those for and against Sunday alcohol sales, with those against citing people with drinking problems as a major reason for opposing the bill.

"But I think it's symbolically important that we've evolved our alcohol laws forward a little bit", Long says.

State Sen. Mark Messmer - who covers District 48, including western Dubois County - voted in favor of the bill, and Sen.

In a statement, the association applauded the passage of Sunday sales, calling it a "historic piece of legislation".

IN has prohibited carryout Sunday sales since the Prohibition era almost a century ago.

Lawmakers for decades have debated ending the ban, but those proposals all foundered amid squabbling among interest groups. The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers long argued that Sunday sales would let grocery stores siphon away business on a major shopping day.

IN is the only state in the nation that still regulates the sale of beer by temperature, and it appears that it will remain that way. "How broadly do we need that (cold beer) available?"

Local liquor store owners are taking a wait-and-see approach to the new legislation. He built kitchens in two stores and sold made-to-order burritos, which enabled him to get a restaurant license - and the ability to sell carryout cold beer. Lawmakers followed the plan laid out by the liquor-grocery store alliance, approving Sunday sales, and killed a different bill to expand cold beer sales.

Senator Zay also expressed ambiguity on the extension of cold beer sales to businesses other than liquor stores.

Holcomb was coy when asked about whether he would support other measures addressing outmoded alcohol laws, like the cold beer restrictions.

"There's more work to be done", Holcomb said, adding that he would deal with those issues next session.

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