S.Korean PM hosts lunch for high-ranking N.Korean delegation

More than 200 young North Korean women have arrived in South Korea to root for athletes from both sides of the peninsula at the Winter Olympics

More than 200 young North Korean women have arrived in South Korea to root for athletes from both sides of the peninsula at the Winter Olympics

So can Olympic Diplomacy diffuse hostilities on the peninsula?

South Korea and its northern neighbor allied to launch a hopeful message at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Games 2018 with the two delegations parading together, shortly after their leaders greeted each other in the stands.

"But at a time when nearly every source I encounter in the U.S. military is telling me that Washington is more likely than not to strike North Korea - even an American I was interviewing at the opening ceremony, who has relatives in the service in the States, said this to me yet again two days ago - the time for you to aggressively wage peace, on all fronts, is now".

During Saturday's bilateral talks over lunch, neither Seoul nor Pyongyang made mention of the North Korean nuclear issue, according to South Korea's presidential office source.

"We are now going to witness how powerful the sports can bring to promote peace and reconciliation and friendship and harmony between South and North Korea", former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who spoke before the show began, said.

So, President Moon (if you are reading this) allow me to say: "Be on your guard, sir!" Jo Yong Sam, department director general of North Korea's foreign ministry, said Thursday the country had never "begged the USA for dialogue" and wasn't about to start now. "But he stayed there the entire time. and talked to Moon and Abe and their spouses, and the North Koreans sat in the back and didn't talk to anybody, and that image is telling".

The South Korean president has been invited to travel to North Korea, following a formal invitation from the country's leader Kim Jong Un, potentially setting up the first meeting of Korean leaders since 2007.

Kim Yo-jong delivered the Kim Jong-un's invitation for Moon to visit Pyongyang.

Before leaving South Korea on Saturday evening, Pence watched short track speed skating games, with Fred Warmbier seated behind him. The North Koreans were in the room at the same time as Pence, an official said.

Moon's office said he told Abe that the talks between the Koreas would not disrupt global efforts to deal with North Korea's nuclear program.

He also insisted that Washington was on the same page with its allies, saying "there is no daylight between the United States, the Republic of Korea, and Japan on the need to continue to isolate North Korea economically and diplomatically until they abandon their nuclear ballistic missile program".

'A poet once sang every snowman begins with a small lump of snow, ' Moon remarked philosophically.

The games are taking place amid an global standoff over North Korea's nuclear weapons, but I thought the official role of the Olympics was for us to have a place where we leave all that stuff at home?

Kim Yo Jong earlier on Friday became the first member of North Korea's ruling family to visit the South since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War.

Pence came to the table and shook hands with all of the VIPs on the head table except Kim Yong Nam, and left the reception five minutes later.

His hand-written invitation came as the US warned the South not to be seduced by Pyongyang's Olympic charm offensive.

Since diplomatic efforts are "almost zero", sources said this may signal a "calm before the storm", with North Korea quietly preparing its next moves for after the Olympics.

Many experts say Kim's overture is meant to use improved ties with Seoul as a way to weaken USA -led global sanctions toughened after its series of big weapons tests previous year that include its sixth and largest nuclear test explosion and three intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

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