Kingdom Hearts III trailer reveals Monsters Inc

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

The D23 Expo Japan 2018 trailer confirms the rumored Monsters, Inc. world featuring Mike, Sully, and Boo, as well as the appearances of Vanitas and Marluxi.

The trailer opens with Sora, Donald, and Goofy meeting Marluxia, of the shady New Organization XIII. The latest entry in Square Enix's surreal, hugely popular Disney-meets-Final-Fantasy crossover series remains pegged for a 2018 release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with nothing more specific announced today.

A new trailer was shown off during the show, which you can view right down below. She uses it to traverse environments and can also whip enemies with it.

During the event Square Enix revealed some further details about the game, including that Gummi Ship segments will return. Rapunzel was also shown as a new party character, while the game will also receive a new theme song called 'Don't Think Twice, ' created by Hikaru Utada. The reason for this is that Square Enix has made a habit of revealing more about the game at the different D23 expos over the years, so we we were fairly certain they wouldn't let us down at this week's expo either. The development process is now split into three different parts: early, middle, and late. The early phase worlds are 90 percent complete, while middle section worlds are at around 60 percent.

With this latest trailer having a bunch of gameplay to parse through, it's looking very likely that Kingdom Hearts fans will finally get Kingdom Hearts III at the tail-end of this year.

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